Kanye is apparently working on something new, creative, and motivational.  There has been a report of devastating economic crisis and massive homelessness  in cities all around California.  The homelessness in San Francisco and other surrounding cities had increased by 17% percent in the last two years. Neighbors of the community has come together to talk about efforts in reconstructing certain low income communities to decrease the homeless population and put families inside of more affordable housing.

Kanye West has allegedly been said to be working with a team of four to design and reconstruct an area of Greenburg with prefabricated structures.  According to Zack O’Mally of Forbes this project has been inspired by Star Wars’ Luke Skywalkers’s childhood home.  West was hoping to convince the entire team, to use the projected housing complex as low income housing for homeless families.  His meeting with potential investors about the community in this San Francisco area is set in upcoming weeks, to discuss future planning and infrastructures.  Kanye’s efforts are great, hands down.  However, there are lot of Chicagoan asking Kanye why didn’t he choose the project for low income housing to be in a stationed community of Chicago: Since that’s where he grew up during his childhood and Chicago remains to increase in homelessness and economic lost.  The legal ethics and projected success of whether or not this project will be a success is still unclear.  Community engagements are always good to benefit families and children of the community, regardless of whatever community it takes place in.  Word to Kanye let’s spread the word and continue to spread the love. The Family here at 106.3 wishes our brother ‘YE luck with his new project.

Posted By: M.J