Jason Van Dyke plead not guilty today (March 23,2017) at a hearing for the 2014 murder of LaQuan McDonald. An unsealed indictment related to the case against the Chicago police officer reveals 16 counts of aggravated battery have been added to Van Dyke’s charges. Each of the counts represent the number of shots Van Dyke fired into McDonald’s body.

Joseph McMahon is the Kane County state’s attorney who was appointed as a special prosecutor in the high-profile case, and his office believes that none of the rounds fired by Van Dyke were legally justified. It has been reported that Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is seeking for the termination of Van Dyke and four other officers whose accounts of what happened that evening did not match what the dash cam revealed.  More Details on the case can be read here.


Prayers to his family #JusticeForLaQuan

Protesters form a line and walk holding signs that spell out “Laquan” following the release of a dash-cam video of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald being fatally shot 16 times by Chicago Police officer Jason Van Dyke, on Tuesday, Nov. 24 2015, in Chicago. (Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/TNS)
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