With over 2.3 million viewers on Lifetime for the premiere of “Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le” a biopic of platinum recording artist Michel’le. The success of the one night premiere of ThinkFactory Media’s latest project has led to a much greater journey for the ex R&B Divas star.
Michel’le has again teamed up with Think Facotory Media to create a unscripted docuseries on the life of her and her family.

Photo Credit :@michellemuzic

Leslie Greif, founder and CEO of Thinkfactory Media released a statement regarding Michel’le and her story saying, “Michel’le is one of the strongest and most courageous women I’ve had the privilege to work with. Storytelling is the core of Thinkfactory, and having Michel’le open up to us with such raw emotion and having so much trust in us is the foundation for a meaningful partnership. Thinkfactory Media is thrilled to build a business with Michel’le and be a part of her inspiring journey.”

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