Friday Mailbag Letter Of The Day 8.15.14


She wants to know how she can turn a one night stand into a relationship. Is it possible to go from part time booty call to full-time wifey?

*Check out Mike Love's Grown Folks Relationship mailbag letter below*

So I met this guy and he is so damn fly! I mean perfect height,teeth,career, style, charisma, everything I like/want in a man. The thing is bruh is only looking for sex from me  We got down over the weekend and MANNNNNNNNNNN I got to lock that down! It was just too damn good not to have that for myself. *heavy sigh* He's trying to link up after work on Wednesday…I'm with it but I want that for the long haul!


Has anyone ever been able to turn a casual relationship to a real relationship? advice…support… ridicule…it's all welcomed!