Thursday Mailbag Letter Of The Day 8.14.14

All 6 of his credit cards were declined and they had to split the bill for dinner- Does he get a second date because times are hard or is he one and done?


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My good friend is 35 and went she went on a date last weekend with a guy she just met, he’s 37. He took her to a nice restaurant at some fancy hotel and when it came time to pay,all his credit and debit cards were declined. She said he kept handing the waiter different ones and the waiter would come back each time saying it was declined (6+ cards). They ended up having to split the bill in order to cover the cost because he had a little cash. Then, this broke loser asked her if he could borrow $100 and that he would "pay her back on their next date." Luckily she declined as she has a rule of not lending money to anyone.


But even after ALL of his cards were declined and he asked to borrow money on the 1st date, she said "Well maybe he's going through a hard time. We all have hard times in life!" and was considering seeing him again.