Bad Boy Mail Bag!!!!! 8.8.14

Grown folks conversation letter…


I have a dilemma that I just can't seem to solve on my own. This man and I have known each other for the last five years. We have never been in a relationship but he has always wined and dined me, but I was looking for a title, like… girlfriend. After five years of being good friends, I get the same run around! He explains to me that he is not ready, he's not where he wants to be in life.  So, he gave me two choices. One was to wait until he got ALL his stuff together and two, to just keep doing me and date other people. Honestly, I want to be with him, but I am tired of waiting! I‘m 38, two degrees have a career, and I just want to settle down and start a family. Should I wait until he has his stuff together so that we could be together, or should I keep moving? And what can I do to move on from him…it's so hard! Please help!!