Columbus Short Involved in Real-Life Scandal With Estranged Wife

He may be a gladiator on TV, but in real-life, Columbus Short is creating scandals of his own. The star of the ABC TV show Scandal which airs its season finale Thursday night, was already accused of being in the middle of a bar fight a few weeks ago.
Now his off-again, on-again wife, Tanee McCall has filed for divorce for the third time and accused the choreographer turned actor of threatening to kill her and himself.
According to TMZ, McCall alleges that Short came into their bedroom on April 7 with a wine bottle and threatened to hit her with it before pouring its contents over her. After getting a knife, he forced her onto a couch and told her they were going to play Truth or Truth and if he she lied, he’d stab her in the leg.
She says he told her to name the man she was having affairs with and when she denied having any affairs, that’s when he threatened her and when she tried to flee, he slashed her tire.
McCall was granted a restraining order and TMZ says Short was allowed to move out, with the supervision of LAPD.
The couple has a 2-year-old daughter which McCall has filed for full custody of.This is Short’s third domestic violence incident with McCall and he’s already been charged with criminal domestic violence. When paparazzi caught them out at the Grove in L.A. a few weeks ago, the couple seemed fine…at least while cameras were rolling.
No word yet on how this affects Short’s job on Scandal.
As you remember, Rhimes fired another Black male cast member from one of her shows several years ago. Grey’s Anatomy’s Isaiah Washington was let go when it was alleged he used a gay slur when referring to a fellow cast member.